Outsourced legal services

In taking on your company’s legal affairs, we will first appoint a primary lawyer to your company as an outsourced lawyer, and will also appoint a deputy for him or her. A cooperation contract for our legal services will be specifically tailored to the needs of each particular client.

The operations model of Juridicus’s company lawyer service is designed to resolve uncertainties relating to obtaining and managing legal expertise.

From our law firm, you will receive the amount of specific expert legal services your company needs, at price rates that are agreed upon in advance.

Our lawyers take a corporation counselling approach, which means that all matters are assessed and solved with the commercial interests of your business taking priority.

Our attorneys each have decades of experience in corporate law, contract law, and company law. However, in cases in which a particular legal problem that a client of ours is having is outside of our own range of expertise, we will obtain that specific expertise from one of our partnership firms.

With the aid of our outsourced legal services, our corporate clients are able to cost-efficiently examine the situation and make the legal decisions that are optimal for their business, and can pre-empt potentially threatening situations in their business environment before they materialise.

We appoint to each of our corporate clients a responsible lawyer, whose responsibility it is to become closely acquainted with the specific needs of your company so as to provide legal services that are more closely tailored to your company’s needs than is otherwise achievable. This also ensures that the handling of your company’s legal affairs is as dependable and cost-efficient as possible. Part of the compelling evidence of the value of this approach is the fact that many of our corporate clients have been with us for several years, some as long as 15 years.

We will assist you with:
– general legal advice for your company in the various situations that arise in the course of your everyday operations;
– creating and interpretation of contracts;
– questions of company law;
– various dispute situations and their swift resolution, as well as pre-emptive measures to help prevent potential conflicts and disputes from materialising;
– employment contracts and other labour law questions;
– court cases in general courts of law and arbitration proceedings;
– matters related to intellectual property rights;
– consumer protection law and other legal questions related to the protection of private persons;
– data protection matters;
– producing ethical directives for your company;
– share and business operations sales and purchases, and other matters involving mergers and acquisitions

Should your company require continuous or recurrent legal advice but you do not consider it necessary or cost-effective to hire a full-time lawyer, or if you’re having trouble finding a lawyer who can skilfully handle your specific needs, then we are the perfect match for you. Our service is continuous, dependable, and cost-effective, and will be carefully tailored to your company’s particular requirements.

As to the cost of our outsourced legal services, we are happy to come to an agreement with you on either monthly or hourly rates as you prefer, or if necessary on some combination of the two.


As part of getting our relationship with your company underway, at the outset of the contractual relationship we will recommend to you, and if you wish, also conduct a “check-up” to preliminarily assess the legal health of your company. This check-up contains an assessment of your company’s states of affairs in relation to contract rights law, labour law, and in general the legal framework and consequent legal requirements relating to your company’s operations. The check-up also includes two meetings and a cursory examination of your company’s documents. Finally, we compile a report for you of our assessment of the overall legal state of your company, complete with an outline of recommendations for further action. The charge of the legal check-up will be agreed upon with you in advance as a fixed fee. The price depends on how extensive the check-up is, but is usually somewhere between EUR 700 – EUR 1,500.00.

Disclaimer: These pages are intended for the purposes of notification only. The information provided in them does not constitute advice of a legal or any other kind, and is not to be construed as such. We take no responsibility for any measures or decisions that are or might be taken or made based on the information provided in these pages. We point out also that lawyers are under no responsibility in the absence of a commission agreement.