Kari Karjalainen

Attorney at law

Telephone: Office +358 (09) 6844 0613
Mobile 040 556 4110

Telephone: Office +358 (09) 6844 0613
Mobile 040 556 4110

Bachelor of Law 1994
Attorney at law 2001
College of Law England and Wales IPD Courses:
– International Intellectual Property Rights, 2007
– International Business Organisations, 2007
– International Mergers and Acquisitions, 2008
– International Capital Markets, 2008
– International Arbitration 2009
International Bar Association, International Fellow 2009
Joined the law offices in 2011
Partner 2011

Areas of expertise:
Mergers and acquisitions
Labour law
International licensing
Company law

Previous work experience:
Law firm Karjalainen Oy 2005–2010
Law firm Heikkilä Co. Oy 2003–2005
Law firm Karjalainen, etc. 1994–2003

Finnish Bar Association,
IBA (International Bar Association)

Positions of trust:
International Music Managers Forum, Chairman of Copyright Committee 2011–present

Work languages:


KTI — Better to know than to presume

KTI (kti.fi) is an independent information business offering benchmarking, research and analysis services for the Finnish real estate sector. We are mainly concerned with producing services that improve the profitability and competitiveness of the property business of our clients. KTI’s customers include many significant companies operating in Finland, in real estate investment, development, and management, and service companies in the sector, and also real estate organisations in the public sector.

Kari Karjalainen’s expertise and customer-centred approach have ensured a long-running relationship based on our deep confidence in the quality of the services he provides to our company in all legal matters.

Hanna Kaleva
Managing Director

Juutilainen heating, plumbing and ventilation construction engineering

Lämpö- ja Wesijohtoliike P. Juutilainen Oy (pj.fi), also known in Finnish as Juutilainen LVI-talotekniikka (heating, plumbing and ventilation construction engineering), was founded in 1932. Our company operates in the capital region. We specialise in producing heating, plumbing, ventilation, and electricity services for housing companies, other companies, communities, and private persons.
The main goals of our operations are to remain a trusted producer and implementer of comprehensive services for customers. We have a staff of around thirty, most of whom are involved in heating, plumbing, and ventilation maintenance and contracting. Our employees are also engineer-level project supervisors and are highly skilled in reception of projects.

Mr. Karjalainen has provided legal services for the company since 2009, including e.g. in the company acquisitions related to the expansion of our business operations, and in all legal matters related to our day-to-day operations. Our service has always been and continues to be attentive, expert, and helpful. You need no other!

Jyrki Harju
Chairman of the Board of Directors

RL Entertainment WKND

RL Entertainments AY was originally founded in 2006 as an production company in the events and concerts sector. In 2011 the company changed its name and its company form, becoming RL Concerts Oy (rle.fi). From the very beginning, our guiding force has been our passion for music and the best artistic talent. Our main office are in Vantaa, with an Estonian branch office in Tallinn. Our principal market region is Finland, but we also operate in Estonia and the other Baltic countries.

Since 2008, we have brought a wide range of international artists to clubs and stadiums in Finland and Estonia. Some of the artists whose concerts RL Concerts has produced are: Queen feat. Adam Lambert, Snoop Dogg, Pitbull, Wu-Tang Clan, Guano Apes, The Prodigy, Paul Anka, LMFAO, UB40, and Jennifer Lopez. The company’s newest area of expertise is the Weekend music festival, which has been held every year in Finland since 2012. Within its first two years, it became Finland’s most popular and most successful music festival, with affiliate festivals now being organised in Estonian and Sweden. A company like ours needs expert legal services from time to time for various matters. We’re very pleased that we can always discuss our issues, no matter how varied and complicated, with the same lawyer every time. This is no small achievement, since the international nature of our work place extra demands on the choice of lawyer.

Kari Karjalainen’s legal expertise covers complex contractual wholes and dispute settlement, including in international contexts, and for that reason we have used his services since the very beginning.

Hardi Loog
Chairman of the Board

Mikki Kunttu Oy

Mikki Kunttu Oy (mikkikunttu.com) has since 2006 been a provider of light. Entrepreneur Mikki Kunttu is one of Finland’s best-known lighting and staging artists, and is one of the best in the world in his field. Some of his best-known cooperation partners, from both Finland and further afield, are dance artists and groups including Tero Saarinen, Jorma Elo, Jorma Uotinen, Carolyn Carlson, Akram Khan, Jirí Kylián, and Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui. Kunttu regularly works with the Finnish National Opera and the Finnish National Ballet, and with the Norwegian National Ballet, the Danish Royal Ballet, and the Boston Ballet. His latest productions include the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm, the 2015 production of Swan Lake by the Danish Royal Ballet, the production of Alice in Wonderland by the Finnish National ballet, and the Boston Ballet’s production of the Nutcracker Suite.

“International work always requires an international lawyer. I have used Kari Karjalainen’s legal services since I started, and Juridicus’s extensive range of expert services have been an essential help in many situations.”

Mikki Kunttu

Fine Foods – Making life taste good

Fine Foods Oy Ltd (finefoods.fi) is a family business founded in 1987. Fine Foods specialises in importing Asian food products. We are a company with an excellent reputation, and have distribution channels to retailers, food service wholesalers, and the food industry. Our product range currently has over 200 products, all of the highest quality and authenticity. Spice Up! is one of our own brands, which we launched in 2003. Our product lines include spicy Asian sauces and pastes, stir-fry sauces, coconut milk, noodles, canned vegetables, and exotic jams. The brands we import include, amongst others, Yutaka, Truly India, One Dish Asia, Al Fez, Mackays, and St.Dalfour. Because our work involves both domestic and international operations, the legal services we need can be very demanding and complex.

We have had the benefit of Kari Karjalainen’s legal services since 2008, when our company underwent a change of generations, and since beginning our cooperation with Mr. Karjalainen we have had full confidence in his expertise. Modern-day business operations would be impossible to sustain without a strong partnership with a highly reputable law firm. In practice, Juridicus Oy is like our very own outsourced legal division.”

Kati Lamppu
Managing Director, Espoo

NRJ Finland Oy Ab

NRJ – Hit Music Only

NRJ Finland Oy Ab (nrj.fi/radionostalgia.fi) is part of the international NRJ broadcasting family, and we have two radio stations in Finland – Radio NRJ, and Nostalgia, and their related digital services. “As part of a multinational concern, we need a lawyer in Finland who is also able to work with the NRJ Group. We have since the start been extremely satisfied with the expert legal aid provided by Juridicus Oy,” says NRJ’s Channel Manager and Country Manager Anette Raunio.

Aronia Group – helping our customers succeed

Founded in 2000, Aronia Group (www.aronia.fi) is one of Finland’s most highly-respected organisers of ownership of small, medium-small and family-owned businesses. Aronia has carried out several hundred commissions in various sectors. Our services include companies’ buying and selling orders, generational changes and mergers and acquisitions, and the legal and tax services related to these.

We have worked closely with Kari Karjalainen since 2003, and have always found his legal expertise and approach to service to be of the highest standard. This is why we have an enduring partnership with Juridicus Oy.”

Lars Lindholm
Founder, Chairman of the Board