Our client base mainly consists of companies, both Finnish and foreign. Here you’ll find a range of recommendations from some of the companies we’re proud to work with, and that testify to the high standard of our work.

TP-Avuksenne Oy

Juridicus Oy has been our outsourced legal department since 2006, and has helped us greatly both in questions of general company law and especially in various situations and matters requiring expertise in labour law. Our work with Juridicus has always been very smooth, and we get just the right, clear advice and legal opinions that in retrospect always turn out to be ideal for us. Juridicus Oy’s outsourced legal services have proven to be a high-quality and cost-efficient way to work.

Petri Kinnari
Managing Director

TP-Avuksenne Oy is a temporary staffing services provider. Our main area of expertise is in providing staffing that enables flexible business operations, and production solutions for business clients in various situations requiring personnel. We also provide employees for normal clerical work. Our turnover in 2015 was about EUR 6.8 million.

Data-Mate Oy

Juridicus Oy has provided us with legal services since 1998, in all our company’s legal matters, and we have since the very beginning been extremely pleased with the services. Thanks to our long-standing relationship, Juridicus Oy knows our company inside out, and this has made the legal expertise the firm provides to us even more valuable and reliable.

Samu Scheiman
Managing Director

Data-Mate Oy is a Finnish digital media company producing and selling CD-DVD and USB products, as well as sales packaging and printed materials. The company’s budgeted turnover in 2016 was around EUR 1.7 million.

DoMedi Oy, Siskon Siivous Oy

Juridicus Oy has helped our company in solving many different kinds of problems, and also knows how to take account of our particular customer-oriented approach to our business. Juridicus also acts as our outsourced legal department, providing us with reliable responses and opinions – very often on the same day – on legal questions relating to our daily business operations. Our partnership with Juridicus has been very successful.

Terhi Kotkansalo
Managing Director

DoMedi Oy is a new kind of Finnish cleaning sector group, with the subsidiary Siskon Siivous Oy. Siskon Siivous Oy produces cleaning services for companies and communities. In addition to Siskon Siivous Oy, the DoMedi Group includes Toimiva Koti, which provides care and home doctor services, home cleaning services, and express janitorial services for private persons. We also provide tools and solutions for unobstructed and safe living at home. The turnover or our fast-growing group for 2016 was around EUR 8.2 million.

Mailhouse Oy

Juridicus Oy has been our outsourced legal department since our company began. Juridicus Oy has handled the broad range of legal questions that arise in our day-to-day business operations. In addition to this, Juridicus has also assisted us in e.g. share and business acquisition negotiations, and has also handled the contractual matters relating to these acquisitions, along with their legal execution. We are extremely satisfied with all the legal services that Juridicus has provided, and with the cost-effectiveness and high standard of service we have always received.

Elina Malmgren
Managing Director

Mailhouse is Finland’s second-largest mailing company. We offer our customers comprehensive direct marketing services in Finland, other Nordic countries and elsewhere in Europe. The company’s turnover for the last accounting period was around EUR 5.1 million, and we employ over 30 people.

Fracht Finland

Juridicus Oy has provided us with legal assistance  on questions of transport law and very broadly also on matters related to personnel and company management. Our relations with Juridicus Oy have from the start been very smooth, and matters have been handled expertly without excessive meetings, and as cost-efficiently as possible. We warmly and readily recommend  Juridicus Oy’s services for a personal touch and their clear, straight-talking explanations of complex matters. This is particularly admirable, since too often the law is a jungle of complicated terms and provisions that for entrepreneurs can be daunting, even off-putting. That’s when you need flexible legal expertise to help in making the right decisions. This is what Juridicus Oy does extremely well in their work with us.

Fracht Finland Oy, part of the international Fracht Group, is an innovative, tailor-made logistics solutions company providing customers with quantifiable added value worldwide. The Group’s turnover in 2014 was approximately EUR 1.2 billion. Fracht Finland Oy provides its customers with comprehensive air, land, and marine logistics services. Our annual turnover is around EUR 15 million. The particular focus of our operations in Finland is on management of large industrial projects.

NRJ Finland Oy Ab

NRJ Finland Oy Ab ( is part of the international NRJ broadcasting family, and we have two radio stations in Finland – Radio NRJ, and Nostalgia, and their related digital services. “As part of a multinational concern, we need a lawyer in Finland who is also able to work with the NRJ Group. We have since the start been extremely satisfied with the expert legal aid provided by Juridicus Oy,” says NRJ’s Channel Manager and Country Manager Anette Raunio.

NRJ – Hit Music Only

Aronia Group – helping our customers succeed

We have been working with Juridicus Oy for years, and the firm has always provided us with legal expertise of the highest standard, with a similarly consummate approach to client service. This is why we maintain a strong partnership with Juridicus Oy for all our legal affairs.

Lars Lindholm
Founder, Chairman of the Board

Founded in 2000, Aronia Group ( is one of Finland’s most highly-respected organisers of ownership of small, medium-small and family-owned businesses. Aronia has carried out several hundred commissions in various sectors. Our services include companies’ buying and selling orders, generational changes and mergers and acquisitions, as well as the legal and tax services related to these.