Dispute resolution

We help in protecting your rights and resolving disputes. Our attorneys are highly experienced, and the company as a whole has for over twenty years been advocating on behalf of clients in matters of dispute in all the court instances and in arbitration proceedings. We assess situations on a case-by-case basis to decide on the most feasible and effective course of action.

More often than not, it is most advantageous for companies to solve conflicts through negotiation; this saves time, money, and effort.

As our client, you will have the full benefit of our lengthy and extensive experience in dispute settlement, and our deep understanding of the main negotiation tactics and strategies used in the business world. We provide indispensable help in determining the most legally significant facts of the matter at hand, and in making the background assessments of the nature of the negotiating position that is open to the client based on the available evidence and possible means of resolution. Although every dispute situation is in some or other respect distinctive, it is almost always possible to arrive at a negotiated outcome that is justifiable on commercial grounds.

On the odd occasion, however, even the best will and skill is not enough to solve a dispute, leaving no option but to resort to the courts or a court of arbitration for a legally binding decision. When this happens, most disputes that go to court are decided based on which of the disputants is most successful in providing and presenting the evidence to back up its claims.

And in our experience, in this light the most fundamental requirement of dispute settlement in the courts and in courts of arbitration court of arbitration is painstaking assembly and presentation of the crucial pieces of evidence needed to satisfy the burden of proof on the part of the client, and equally skilful and detailed explanation of the significance of all the relevant evidence for the case at hand.

Our firm has over 20 years of experience in advocating in the local courts, the Courts of Appeal, and also in the Supreme Court, as well as in various arbitration proceedings. The first-class expertise and experience of our advocates is therefore available to you for whatever dispute situation your company may face, including, for example:

  1. interpretation of commercial contracts and compliance with terms and conditions (see also b.)
  2. the extensive search for and collection, screening, and assessment of evidence required by disputes involving claims for damage
  3. about law disputes, interpretation of employment contracts and of contractual terms and conditions, disputes over the legality of termination of employment (see also b.)
  4. construction-related disputes with all their particular characteristics (see also b.)
  5. disputes relating to intellectual property rights
  6. company law disputes, including e.g. questions of the legality of decisions made at shareholders’ meetings, and partnership agreement disputes
  7. insurance law disputes (see also b.)
  8. sea and transport law disputes (see also b.)
  9. ownership disputes and other disagreements involving material law
  10. disputes concerning the law of inheritance, including e.g. complaints over division and distribution of estates and complaints related to last wills and testaments

If the dispute situation is such that the disputing parties are seeking an external conciliator to arbitrate the matter, you would be strongly advised to enlist the services of Aappo Salo, who is a highly experienced arbitrator and who is also on the list of accredited arbitrators of the Finnish Bar Association. As the conciliator in your dispute, Mr. Salo will take into careful consideration the objectives and interests of both parties in helping you to reach a jointly acceptable negotiated outcome.

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