We assist companies and private persons in handling all manner of copyright concerns, including e.g. acquisition of rights, registration of rights, licensing, R&D, copyright protection, surrendering of rights, and defence of rights.

You may be asking: How can I protect the copyright on my work – or, in some cases, how can I even be sure if I am the copyright owner in a particular case? Or you might need to know, when it comes to handover of rights, how the financing and other necessary considerations should be handled. In these and many other copyright-related situations, it pays to talk to us, because we know exactly how it should be done.

Copyright matters can be difficult and may involve a lot of arcane terminology. However, mastery of copyright issues and gaining the full benefit of copyright is crucial to commercial success.

We help companies and private persons every day in handling their copyright matters: drafting rights, drawing up copyright agreements, company names, domestic registration of trademarks, international registration of trademarks, inventions made in connection with one’s employment, intellectual property rights of employees and employers, publishing contracts, publishing subcontracts, patents and licensing of other rights, and defence of rights. In short, we do it all.


Legal questions in the entertainment industry, and especially in relation to music, are one of our strongest areas of expertise. We have been involved in negotiating contracts covering all the main territories of the world and with all the major record companies as well as many smaller record labels. Author-publisher agreements and various licences, such as for games and cinema, are part of our everyday activities. An important part of our expertise in relation to copyright matters is keeping ourselves up to date with the main developments in the field. In these efforts, we draw on our strong and extensive international network in order to keep track of changes in contractual practices and their effects on the industry.

Part of our regular business involves the full range of copyright matters – the acquisition, registration, and handover of rights. And due our extensive expertise and connections, we have a front-row seat in all the most important developments in these areas.

When you have questions concerning copyright, please contact AA Kari Karjalainen at +358 9 6844 0613.

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