Law of transport

We serve you in various situations relating to sea, air, and rail transport, including e.g. damage to cargo, transportation agreements, shipping contracts, and charter party contracts, as well as matters concerning rescue at sea, collision of vessels at sea, and confiscations.

AA Eero Heinänen, who is a partner in our law firm, is responsible for matters relating to transport law.

A considerable part of our commissions involve transport law. The companies that enlist our help in these matters are mainly Finnish insurance companies and haulage contractors. A good part of the commissions we receive come from foreign companies, too, including some of Europe’s leading law firms.

The successful handling of commissions involving transport law requires a deep knowledge of a broad expanse of the law, and also of the standards and practices in the transport sector. This point comes to the fore particularly strongly when it comes to drawing up transportation agreements and other documents. Due to the international nature of the transportation and shipping sector, the Finnish legislation and the generally applied contractual terms and conditions in the sector are based either on international treaties and agreements, or on general terms and conditions that are in widespread international use.

Our comprehensive expertise covers all types of matters pertaining to transportation by sea, land, air, and rail, such as:

  • Cargo damage
  • Transportation contracts
  • Charter party contracts
  • Rescue at sea
  • Collision of vessels at sea
  • Confiscations

Our firm also has extensive and long-running experience and expertise in questions concerning transportation and shipping insurance, as well as marine insurance.

We have over the course of many years built up an extensive network of partnerships and other trusted contacts, which enables us to offer you the best available service in commissions involving overseas matters.

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