Mergers and acquisitions

We provide assistance with legal structuring in merger and acquisition transactions, both to the transferor and the transferee. We also help in making the choice of legal format, and plan the structure of the merger and acquisition transaction. Additionally, we will draw up the necessary documents, and generally help in seeing the transaction through to a successful conclusion.

In mergers and acquisitions, the ownership base of a company is changed, or part of the company’s business operations is transferred to another company. Mergers and acquisitions have two dimensions: the economic and the legal dimension. Juridicus assists companies in creating the legal structure of the merger and acquisition transaction, both for transferors and transferees. We provide help in making the choice of legal format, and will work with you to plan the structure of the merger and deal. We will draw up the necessary documents, such as non-disclosure agreements, contracts of sale, partnership agreements, and all the necessary records and declarations. The creation of subsidiaries (so-called dummy companies) is also easily done through us. Should you require it, we will carry out the legal due diligence on behalf of your company, and in some cases can also apply for an advance decision from the tax authorities when this is found to be necessary.

A major element in the success of any merger and acquisition transaction is careful planning, not only of tax-related matters but also of pricing, and in general of preparing the business operations being transferred for the transaction. In these economic matters we will, when necessary, enlist the aid of economists with expertise in the particular matters in question; they will handle price calculations and contribute to designing the structure of the transaction and its financing. Our overriding concern is that your transaction is successful.

Out attorneys have been involved in a great many generational changes with various kinds of companies. Any generational change requires painstaking preparation, and often a target company in addition to the parties involved. We will, in accordance with your wishes, help you in mapping out the various possible ways of implementing the generational change in your company, and naturally we will also draw up or inspect the contracts and other documents related to the change of hands.

Usually a businessperson is faced with a change of generation only once or twice in his or her career, and so the situation can be daunting and hard to get a clear grasp of. Juridicus’s mergers and acquisitions team has been involved in over one hundred merger and acquisition transactions, and this wealth of experience will be put to good use for ensuring that your transaction is successful and correct in every detail.

The head of our mergers and acquisitions legal team is Kari Karjalainen.

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